Meet our June Mom of the Month!


Mom of the Month - June

We are excited to announce our MOM (Motivating Mom of the Month) for June! Each month we take a moment to recognize one of our local FIT4MOM Palos Verdes & San Pedro mamas for her hard work and dedication to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Meet Bethany Akeroyd! Bethany is our Motivating Mom of the Month for June! Bethany always arrives to class early, signs up for classes online ahead of time (yay!), and has an amazing way with all the kids in our village. Bethany is mama to Kaylee and is a wonderful part of our village!

We asked Bethany a few questions, and here is what she had to say:

Who are the members of your family?

Me, husband Benjamin aka Ben, and Kaylee plus two cats Binx and Boots and dog Ellie Mae. Yes my house gets dirty quickly some days.

When did you come to your first FIT4MOM Palos Verdes & San Pedro workout and who or what got you there?

March 14th 2017. Came to Jen’s Grand Re-Opening Party basically because it was free and I wanted to see if I would be comfortable. Kaylee was my motivation to get out and find something to do outside that would be fun for both me and her and I am SO GLAD that I did.

What is your FIT4MOM why - what keeps you coming to workout, keeps you involved?

I want to be healthy so that I can keep up with the craziness that is Kaylee and show her that exercise can be fun. You mamas honestly are the reason I come and stay involved because each of you push me every day to be a better and stronger mama than I knew I could be, so THANK YOU.

What is one of your favorite exercises you have done with FIT4MOM?

The HandClap workout routine by leaps and bounds!!!!! I love it and so does Kaylee; it just works perfectly with the music and clapping our hands for the kids is so much fun. Second would be the Lego relay, we get to play with Legos and workout, it’s fantastic, even if somedays we can’t guarantee that the tower will stay standing.

Lightning Round:

  • Favorite Stroller Strides song? I adore the Fire Truck song. Bonus it’s great to sing to Kaylee because both her Opa (Ben’s Dad) and her Uncle Alex are firemen so it kind of teaches her what they do.
  • Best breakfast before a workout? Scrambled eggs, some kind of fruit, oatmeal, and of course coffee
  • Most delicious dessert you have ever had? Just had it this weekend, it was authentic German Apple Strudel at Kaiserhof in San Diego. I didn’t share with either Kaylee or Ben, it was that scrumptious.
  • I feel _______ after a FIT4MOM workout. tired, but accomplished
  • Before I had Kaylee I said I would never… let her sit on my lap while I use the toilet … but now I let her sit on my lap if she wants, it’s a great way to keep an eye on her and I can still do my business.
  • Any advice for other moms out there? Ask for HELP. We need it because we are still a person not a machine. No matter how much we as mamas WANT and feel like we NEED to do EVERYTHING for EVERYONE we are just not made to maintain that for long without something cracking. Lay down the Mom ego and let someone else take the reins for a bit, it may not be exactly to way you would do it, but that don’t mean that it is wrong.