Meet our September Mom of the Month!

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Mom of the Month - September

We are excited to announce our MOM (Motivating Mom of the Month) for September! Each month we take a moment to recognize one of our local FIT4MOM Palos Verdes & San Pedro mamas for her hard work and dedication to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Meet An Shoemake! An is our Motivating Mom of the Month for September! An is an inspiration for our entire village. An is mama to Andy and is a wonderful part of our village!

"An is always early to class (yay!) with a smile on her face. She has an amazing touch with all the kids. For example, after Stroller Strides last week, An sat down and read a story to all the children." -Jen

"An always comes to class in a happy mood and is always sweet to all kids and mamas." - Domini

"I always like when An is in class because she's fun to be around and I love her sense of humor! ("Who's ready for 'Awkward Dying Starfish Jumps'?!" -An) - Jenna

We asked An a few questions, and here is what she had to say:

Who are the members of your family?

We are a family of four, my husband Anthony, Andy, Joey - our Dachshund, and myself.

When did you come to your first FIT4MOM Palos Verdes & San Pedro workout and who or what got you there?

I wanted to do something for myself so I went to my first FIT4MOM workout on my birthday - Mar 15th, and I've been hooked ever since.

Andy was 4 months at the time and I was done staying inside the house, I know I wanted to get in shape and thinking about joining the crossfit class with the husband, but didn't want to bother others if I'm the only one with a baby. So he's the one that found FIT4MOM on yelp and thought I should try it out.

What is your FIT4MOM why - what keeps you coming to workout, keeps you involved?

I think FIT4MOM is such an amazing environment for Andy, he gets to have friends at such a young age, seeing little humans just like him everyday give him so much joy.

As a military family, we move around every three years, and I also work from home so we hardly have any friends here. This class is so much more than just a workout for me, I get to see other mamas just like me, make lots of friends, get so many great advices on the new mom's life. We are moving in less than a year and I'm already feeling so sad to leave you guys.

What is one of your favorite exercises you have done with FIT4MOM?

The "Cupid shuffle" for sure, I love anything that involves dance and music!

Lightning Round:

  • Favorite Stroller Strides song? The mommy song, I sing it to Andy all day, everyday.
  • Best breakfast before a workout? Bagel and coffee.
  • Most delicious dessert you have ever had? Green tea crepes cake from Lady M, yum...
  • I feel like ____________ after a FIT4MOM workout. fresh and energized
  • Before I had kids, I said I would never ... get tired of my baby, I'm going to love him so much, but now I... realized how exhausted it is to have a person glued to you 24/7, I'll take any minutes/hours I have when daddy's home!

    P.S: I still love my baby to death!

Any advice for other moms out there?

Take it easy, it's ok not to "love every minute" of motherhood. It's not a competition, be proud of a mother you are.