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Mom of the Month - July

We are excited to announce our MOM (Motivating Mom of the Month) for July! Each month we take a moment to recognize one of our local FIT4MOM Palos Verdes & San Pedro mamas for her hard work and dedication to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Meet Mallory Launer. Mallory is our Motivating Mom of the Month for July! Mallory is an inspiration for our entire village. Mallory is mama to Finley and is a wonderful part of our village!

"Mallory ALWAYS goes the extra mile in everything at Stroller Strides. She is ready for anything that is thrown her way and her love for her daughter Finley is so apparent from the radiant smile that that child gives every day. LOVE having Mallory in the class. She's such a motivation of what a mama is capable of when she pushes herself that extra bit." - Instructor Bethany

We asked Mallory a few questions, and here is what she had to say:

Who are the members of your family?

Myself, my husband Brent, Finley and our dog Sierra.

When did you come to your first FIT4MOM Palos Verdes & San Pedro workout and who or what got you there?

My first class was about a month ago and I kept seeing other moms on Facebook posting about FIT4MOM both locally and other areas and it made me curious about the group so I did some research thought it was definitely was my thing and here I am!

What is your FIT4MOM why - what keeps you coming to workout, keeps you involved?

My why is it’s my me time but also with Finley. It’s so important to have some time to yourself as a momma and FIT4MOM allows me time to myself while working out, time with other moms, but also time with Finley best of all worlds!

What is one of your favorite exercises you have done with FIT4MOM?

Favorite exercise, there are a lot of good ones, liked the one from today with the LEGO challenge with Bethany. It is a lot of reps per exercise but it’s also a competition so it makes it even funner! ( funner probably isn’t a word, sorry)

Lightning Round:

  • Favorite workout song? M-O-M-M-Y (to the tune of B-I-N-G-O)
  • Best snack before a workout? Anything peanut butter but my favorite is a brown rice, rice cake with peanut butter.
  • Most delicious dessert you have ever had? They don’t make it anymore but it was the lava flow cake from PF Chang’s
  • I feel like ____________ after a FIT4MOM® workout. I feel ready to face the day after FIT4MOM workout!
  • Before I had kids, I said I would never _________________ but now I ________________________. Before I had kids I said I would never be excited to go to bed before 8pm but now I am (although it never really happens :( )

Any advice for other moms out there?

Advice... not sure if I have any advice per say I’m still trying to figure it out each day myself but I do really like the saying referring to kids “The days are long and the years are short.”