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Mom of the Month - June

We are excited to announce our MOM (Motivating Mom of the Month) for June! Each month we take a moment to recognize one of our local FIT4MOM® Palos Verdes & San Pedro mamas for her hard work and dedication to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Meet Maureen Dillon. Maureen is our Motivating Mom of the Month for June! Maureen is an inspiration for our entire village. Maureen is mama to her 4 month little girl and is a wonderful part of our village!

"Maureen always seems to have a smile and a kind word to say to everyone she talks to and the kids absolutely adore her. She comes to every class ready to workout and pushes herself each time. Love seeing her being one of the first runners of the day, it's such a motivating sight." - Instructor Bethany

"Maureen has been a dedicated member of our village since the day she started! She began taking classes just a couple months ago when her little girl was 6 weeks old and hardly ever misses a day. She's always happy when she comes to class and is social with everyone 😊" - Instructor Domini

"Maureen pushes herself and gives 100% to the workout with a smile on her face. She shows up to class and adds such a positive energy to our group. The kiddos in our village are constantly learning from us and Maureen is another strong mama figure for them to watch." - Instructor Tracy

"Maureen is a STRONG mama that is always pushing herself during our workouts. It has been amazing to watch Maureen become an integral part of our village. She is super friendly, connecting with and supporting other mamas and kiddos in our group. You can tell by the constant smile on her face that she is really enjoying the motherhood journey!"- Instructor Jen

We asked Maureen a few questions, and here is what she had to say:

Who are the members of your family?

My husband and I are the proud parents of a 4 month old girl and 13 year old cattle dog.

When did you come to your first FIT4MOM® Palos Verdes & San Pedro workout and who or what got you there?

I attended the Spring Festival in March when my daughter was 7 weeks old because I wanted to start working out with other moms who would help provide encouragement and reassurance. I could only partially do many of the exercises, but the instructor (Jen) was really helpful in providing lots of options so I could work out at my own level and pace.

What is your FIT4MOM® why - what keeps you coming to workout, keeps you involved?

I keep coming because FIT4MOM® helps me exercise my body and mind. It can be hard to make time to care for yourself, especially as a new mom. But because my daughter can come with me, FIT4MOM® makes it easy. I enjoy socializing with the other moms and learning from them.

What is one of your favorite exercises you have done with FIT4MOM®?

My favorite exercise is follow the leader.

Lightning Round:

  • Favorite workout song? The wheels on the bus...because you never know what the kids are going to say is on the bus. Sometimes there are chickens and pink frogs on the bus.
  • Best snack before a workout? Oatmeal with lots of toppings
  • Most delicious dessert you have ever had? Too many to count, but I'm sure it involved chocolate.
  • I feel like ____________ after a FIT4MOM® workout. Stronger

Any advice for other moms out there?

It can be stressful to start something new, especially after having a baby when you feel overwhelmed. You may wonder if you can actually do it, or worry your baby might cry too much. But this group of women is incredibly supportive and understanding, so I hope you will come check it out if you're interested. Whether your child is a few weeks or a few years old. the instructors are great helping keep the kids calm and happy while mamas get exercise and support each other.